Step #1

You’ve got the training – you’ve got the skills – and you’ve got the work experience. But you want more! You want to be your own boss; you want high ticket clients, and you certainly want to control your schedule! The question is how to get there?

Watch the video below and learn how to overcome your limitations and fears to achieve success. You’ll see how Destiny turned her entrepreneurial spirit into reality with our proven 8-step program that sets the stage for success.
Chances are, you identify with Destiny’s story, and you likely have some similar challenges and “roadblocks.” Now is your chance to create real change, whether you’re established in business or just starting and launching your career.
I’m Vatrice - and I’ll help you get to the next level. You could say that I’ve “been there” and “done that.” With my coaching expertise, I’m helping creative entrepreneurs like you to "step up their game" to realize their vision and create their success, step-by-step.

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Step #2

Here's what else you will learn in this program:

Sure, you communicate with your dream clients already… they understand you...

But do they feel understood?
To answer that question, we will dive into the minds of your dream client and discover what moves them, annoys them, confuses them and inspires them. We will use this knowledge to define your brand archetype and build customized brand messaging that is in sync with your client's desires, thus clearing the path to booking new clients.


After you've deciphered your client, how will they choose your services among the plethora of competitors? We will give them a dozen reasons by developing a brand they can't resist! We will carefully move through the interconnected stages of creating a compelling brand where we carry out competitor research, develop your touchstone, choose a brand name, design brand visuals and set up an online presence for your business. 


Now that you've created a brand that promises your clients an amazing experience. You will work to ensure every client goes home with a smile, never missing an opportunity to praise you in front of their friends, colleagues and family. We'll make sure that happens by perfecting your customer experience management strategy.


And there's still more but you will need to book a call to find out.


Now that you understand what's in this coaching program, are you ready to “step up your game?”
With me on board, you’ll gain the clarity you need to take your business to a new level of success.

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